The name comes from the opening of Contra 3, I found amazing how over the top the dialog goes, it’s time for revenge! (just like many plots of 90’s stuff) and we have to attack, but not any kind of attack, an aggressive one! It always makes me smile. Also Contra 3 is one of the greatest action game of all time.

As a medium videogames are amazing to convey this kind of content/emotion, the looping structure of a challenge after another challenge suits perfectly to set the pace (with variable intensity of course). I think I like martial arts movies because of that, the videogame like progression (some henchmen followed by a boss, change scenario, and repeat until the final boss).

If I have to name another thing now following the same logic it would be “Fly me to the moon (studios)”… you guess correctly, after Bayonetta 🙂



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